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Mariga’s Parma in financial crunch

Italian club Parma FC – the current home to Kenya international midfielder MacDonald Mariga – has admitted that they expect to be deducted points as punishment for having been late in paying salaries to both their playing staff and technical bench.

According to reputable online sources, the club was barred from this season’s Europa League competition due to their financial problems, despite having qualified through their league position last season.

The club officials have however insisted they would use all legal means to have the penalty reduced to a minimum.

The club says their problems are only related to liquidity and came about because they are in the process of being sold to one of “numerous interested parties in Italy and abroad.”


The deal was supposed to be finalized on November 10, so the new owners could pay the outstanding salaries, but unforeseen circumstances instead forced the agreement to be delayed.

Parma is currently placed bottom of the Serie A standings with a paltry 6 points from 12 matches, and it is unclear the implications of points deduction to the team – if and when effected.

Mariga transferred to Parma from Inter Milan at the start of the current season, with reports suggesting he took a significant pay cut to complete this move. The midfielder reportedly earns ‘only’ Sh 10 million a month.