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Marriage to Obama not easy – Michelle advises couples

By Wangu Kanuri November 19th, 2022 2 min read

Michelle Obama, wife to former USA President Barrack Obama has advised couples to stay put in their marriages saying that at the onset of marriage relationships, five to ten years, it was never 50-50; someone was always giving way more.

Speaking in an interview with NPR Juana Summers about her 30 years in marriage journey, Michelle shared, “If I look over my marriage, if I were to judge it in year five or year ten there was never 50/50. Somebody was always giving way more. Someone always needed a different kind of thing. You have to evolve with it. And so yeah there were times when I felt like I was 70 per cent in and he was doing 30 per cent, because of the choices I made in terms of how I wanted our family to look.”

Adding that there were sacrifices she had to make to ensure her family is good, Michelle an award-winning book author explained, “I had to take my foot off of my career gas pedal, never putting on the brake, but slowing up a little bit…those are natural compromises that are required.”

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Saying that she wants young people to understand that being in a relationship also means making compromises with your partner, which isn’t always easy, Michelle says that she feels bad when people give up on relationships because of a period of disagreement or conflict. Her advice is to expect those ‘long stretches of discomfort.’

“I think it’s important for us to not to glamorize what a partnership feels like because then young people quit too soon before they’ve played out the full scenario.”

Michelle married Barrack in 1992 and the couple has two children; Malia Ann born 1998 and Natasha also known as Sasha, born 2001.

The two love birds have never shied away from publicizing their love for each other and post romantic posts about each other while marking milestones in life.

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