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‘Married’ Jacque Maribe not interested in Eric Omondi’s child support

Media personality Jackie Maribe has hinted at some personal development in her life.

In response to a post where she was tagged after her baby daddy, Eric Omondi, boasted about his wealth by flaunting cash, Maribe made a cryptic comment.

In a rant on his social media platforms, Eric Omondi was seen and heard bashing comedian Obinna for suggesting he is using ill-gotten wealth to do PR stunts like distributing unga.

“Obinna, I have repeatedly told you that I am older than you. I am richer than you, and I have more money than you. I can help you. Naweza fungua radio station na nikuandike kama kitabu,” he begins his rant, asserting his superiority.

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Eric then proudly displays suitcases brimming with stacks of Kenyan currency notes.

“Hii ni sanduku ya kwanza, you know how much this is. That is 13 million. I have worked my a** off for 16 years. I made my first three million in 2008, and here you are, still in primary school, wetting yourself and needing diapers.”

On social media, a fan identified as Mercie Kariuki directly asked Jackie about whether the comedian had begun paying child support to their son.

Jackie has in the past accused Omondi of being a deadbeat dad.

In a comment, she wrote:

“Jacque, huyu jamaa alianza kulipa child support ama tumfanyie ile kitu?” (Jacque, has this guy started paying child support, or should we do something about it?)

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Jacque swiftly responded to the tag, asserting that she no longer requires any support from Eric and emphasizing her current marital status.

She replied:

“I am okay. Why do you think I would need that? I am Mrs. K. That is all. I do not have a problem with child support.”

With her response, Jacque made it clear that she has moved on and does not depend on Eric for financial assistance, hinting at her new married life.

In 2021, Eric Omondi made a formal request for a DNA test to be conducted on his child with Maribe.

This came after the comedian faced accusations of neglecting his parental responsibilities from the former journalist.

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