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Marsha Amario now opens up on turbulent love affair with Moi’s grandson

Ever since 2017, when Marsha Amario met retired President Daniel arap Moi’s grandson, Collins Moi, her love life has been a bitter-sweet affair.

Marsh, who just days ago suffered the embarrassment and indignity of being abandoned at a high-end hotel in Kitale by her boyfriend, has now made startling revelation about her turbulent relationship with Collins.

The two met at Karen Hospital, where Marsha had gone for mental counseling while Collins had gone for counseling over alcoholism.

Marsha, who is the daughter of the late Naivasha-based businessman Fai Omar Amario, says when Collins approached her it set off what would quickly become a romantic relationship.

She says she had faced rejection from some of her friends and siblings, so when Collins promised to fill that void in her life, she was readily swept off her feet.

Marsha says she was epileptic, distressed and that Collins went ahead to procure for her tutorials on how to manage her condition.


“He used to read a lot about remedies for my ailment on the internet. He also bought several books to assist me live a normal life,” she told Nairobi News on Saturday.

“He used to call me his ‘wife’ and he even went to the extent of visiting our Naivasha home to meet my stepmother,” she says.

She noted that with his attitude, Collins seemed a caring person, unlike other young men she met who were only keen on taking advantage of her family wealth.

She has been staying in a rental apartment in Lavington estate of Nairobi where she says that Collins moved in after some time.

During their cohabitation, Marsha, claims she is the one who had been paying the rent and providing for everything in the house from her business.

She said she has also been lending Collins monies, whose repayment he kept defaulting.


However, she started questioning their relationship when at some point she asked him to buy her food only for him to bring her chips ‘mwitu’ and a small soda. On the other hand, she says, Collins had bought himself an expensive bottle of alcohol.

“He once used my phone to make calls and after exhausting airtime he took advance credit of more than Sh1,000 which I had to repay whenever I wanted to make calls. When I questioned his actions he slapped me and started beating me up,” she says.

Marsha says on that day her boyfriend violently assaulted her and even threatened to kill her.

“I was bleeding since he beat me on a spot I had been operated on. I suffered internal bleeding and blood was also oozing out of my ears,” she narrated.

She however says she forgave him when he reached out to her severally, seeking forgiveness.

“I think withstood all this because I have been rejected by my family. I was afraid of being alone so I took all the abuse,” she said.

So on December 29, when Collins told her that he wanted to surprise her during her 30th birthday in Kitale, she thought it was his way of making up for his past wrongs. She would live to rue her poor judgement.


“I blame myself although I never imagined it would come to this. Because it was my birthday I expected things to be different. I only realized much later that things were getting chaotic when he started borrowing money and taking things while promising to pay,” she explains.

She says that while her family is capable of bailing her out, no one has bothered to do so.

“My family has the ability to help me out of this situation but they have decided to turn their backs on me,” she said.

She has now vowed never to get back with Collins for all the humiliation and trauma he put her through.

The distraught Marsha says she contemplated committing suicide when she was arrested by the police for failure to settle a Sh100,000 bill at Skynest Hotel in Kitale after Collins abandoned her there.

She narrates her scary encounter with bank robbers, murderers and thieves in the police cell, her only crime being ‘loving the wrong person’.

She admits she shuddered at the thought of ending up at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

“I will either be abnormal, cursed or stupid to continue loving this man, because no man does such a thing to a woman he loves. I’ve stopped believing in love, it doesn’t exists, its just a myth. Maybe what exists is love for money, love for alcohol… but there is nothing like loving someone. This man has ruined my life,” she says ruefully.