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Martha Karua condemns Ruto’s government in fiery tweet, KOT react

In a scathing tweet, prominent Kenyan politician Martha Karua launched a scorching attack on the government led by President William Ruto.

Her tweet, posted on July 22, 2023, expressed strong disapproval of the alleged targeting of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family members and the constant verbal attacks on the fourth president.

“It is petty, vengeful, and unacceptable for the @WilliamRutoPh illegitimate regime to target Uhuru’s mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta and son Jomo, and to ceaselessly subject Uhuru, the 4th president, to unwarranted verbal diatribe. This must stop NOW! #EnoughIsEnough,” wrote Martha Karua in her tweet.

In the tweet, she tagged the wrong social media account. The verified Ruto account is @WilliamsRuto.

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The tweet garnered significant attention and elicited various reactions from Kenyan netizens, each expressing their views and opinions on the matter.

One user, Quraish A.Habashow, questioned the selective targeting, asking why only Jomo’s son and not Moi’s son were mentioned. Meanwhile, another user, Haron Etelej, suggested that this might be just the beginning of more significant events yet to unfold.

Several other users shared mixed reactions, with some expressing support for Martha Karua’s stance while others criticized her use of the word “illegitimate.” User try_this_time1 warned Karua, implying that the term she uses might come back to haunt her.

Amid the flurry of reactions, some users urged Karua to remain calm and patient, while others seemed to insinuate that more challenges might come her way.

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The online discussion also touched on the perceived silence of President Ruto and his alleged reliance on the police to enforce his policies. Users questioned his courage, challenging him to face issues directly without relying on security forces.

Martha Karua’s bold tweet comes at a time of heightened political tensions in Kenya, with governance and leadership style issues taking center stage in public discourse.

On Friday, July 21, evening, former President Uhuru Kenyatta called out Dr Ruto and expressed his disappointment over Ruto’s lack of interest in engaging in a dialogue.

“I cannot go on looking for someone who does not want to engage with me. You have a tete-a-tete with someone who wants to talk to you. He has not shown any indication, and as a retired president, why should I go look for someone who doesn’t want to talk to me?” President Uhuru posed during his address.

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The rift between the two leaders has been evident in recent times, with retired president Uhuru asserting that President Ruto has not demonstrated any willingness to discuss their differences.