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Martha Karua meets the Harooooo! Asssimio! Tiktoker

Azimio la Umoja presidential running mate Martha Karua has met with Wachira Nyokabi aka Joe Nyokabi who made the famous Harooooo! Asssimio! Raira ni msaredo! Tiktok challenge that spread like bush fire weeks ago.

In the video shared on Twitter, the ‘Iron lady’ is heard saying that the Azimio la Umoja government seeks to open job opportunities for the youths and ensure there is an inclusion in the job industry for the youths.

“It’s possible to have good leadership, job opportunities for the youths, good health for all just through the Azimio la Umoja government,” said Karua.

The Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition manifesto has an agenda to turn work experience into certification.

The video that was made in Kikuyu accent tingled on social media with Kenyans seen taking turns in mimicking the video.

The popular Tiktoker shared videos on his social media page mimicking Raila Odinga’s running mate causing a stir in social media.

This challenge has made Karua popular, especially when she pronounces the words Halloooo! Azimio! Raila ni mzalendo! (Raila is a patriot!) in her Kikuyu accent.

Ms Karua has been moving around the country to popularise Mr Odinga’s presidential bid.

In various campaigns, she has repeatedly hailed Mr Odinga as the best candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.