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Mary Wambui pays last respects to Mwai Kibaki

Businesswoman Mary WambuI has joined thousands of Kenyans who’ve turned out to pay their last respects to fallen President Mwai Kibaki.

Dressed in a black skirt suit, the former Othaya lawmaker was pictured comforting Kibaki’s son Jimmy at Parliament buildings.

Wamboi was long rumoured to be Kibaki’s second wife.

That’s until the ex-president called a press conference and told the whole world he ‘only had one wife’, namely Lucy.

Kibaki was accompanied to the press briefing by the fuming First Lady, now deceased.

“I want to make it very clear that I have only one dear wife, Lucy, who is here, and I do not have any other,” said Kibaki in March 2009.

“I have gotten into this very foul mood after listening to some statement… I want to say quite frankly anyone who is bent on that course will see me in court. And we shall deal with him, no other way whatsoever,” he added, referring to one politician who had spoken about a second wife.

Wambui is yet to publicly address her relationship with Kibaki.

But even after Kibaki’s clarification, the public was never convinced, with many with the belief the relationship between Wambui and Kibaki was more than just normal.

Wambui who served as Othaya MP for five years wield influence in government circles during Kibaki’s tenure.

Wambui would later eulogize Lucy as a personal friend during his death.