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Marylinda: I’m the most hated Kenyan TikToker

Renowned Kenyan TikToker Marylinda has spoken about the challenges she faces being in the limelight as a content creator on the popular video streaming platform.

Speaking during an interview with Presenter Ali, Marylinda said that she is the most hated Kenyan TikToker as she is constantly trolled for her looks and the kind of content she shares online.

The content creator stated that many people hate her and insult her on a daily basis.

“I am the most hated TikToker right now. Ask anyone. I think there should be awards, and it should be given to me. Nobody, however, has a specific or clear reason as to why they hate me. When asked they simply say it’s because so and so hates her,” said Marylinda.

The TikTok star also recounted how she was first bullied on social media, saying it all started when her boyfriend Rapho Clints, also a content creator, started posting her on his page.

“The first time I was bullied was when Rapho started posting me because many ladies did not agree that I was a perfect fit for him. The more you’re bullied online, the more people start asking who this person is,” she narrated.

Marylinda also reckons that many people hate her because she used to post memes on the Kamba people.

“I used to post memes a lot, especially about Kambas and people would catch feelings, you know Kenyans don’t know jokes so they attack you. They were attacking me because of my boyfriend and because I was attacking Kambas with my memes,” she said.

The social media influencer however said cyberbullying does not affect her.

“I have been bullied since I was young, so cyberbullying does not affect me that much. Of course, it was bad because I was wondering what I was doing wrong because I don’t do people wrong. But I just block people for peace of mind. But my boyfriend was always defending me and I thought to myself that if I have him, people can just talk however they want,” she said.

“I am trolled every day. People call me ‘Cucu’ (grandmother), and others call me skinny. But I have a supportive partner and I feel like that has helped me overcome the stress of being bullied online,” she added.