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Massive blackout to hit Nairobi and surrounding counties

Kenya Power announced on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, that scheduled maintenance work would cause a blackout in various parts of Nairobi and surrounding counties.

The blackout is expected to last from 9 am to 5 pm. It will affect several areas, including parts of Kasarani and Mwiki, Westlands, Road B and Villa Franca in Nairobi, Mashuhuru, Kajiado, and Sajiloni in Kajiado County, Kiaora and Mirimani in Kiambu County, Githunguri, and adjacent areas.

The blackout will also affect areas such as Waiyaki Way, Brookside Groove, Safaricom Headquarters, and Delta Office Suites.

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Still, in Nairobi, Road B and Villa Franca areas will also be affected.

In Kajiado County, areas of Mashuhuru, Kajiado and Sajiloni will also be affected by the blackout. Also areas of Imoro Road, Edwata, Enginye, Mashuru and adjacent areas.

Kiambu County will also be affected by the blackout. The specific areas include; Kiaora and Mirimani areas.

Other areas are Gachororo, High Point, Kiai, Mutuma, Karakuta, Benver, Karibaribi, Mary Hill, Mang’u market and Machure.

Others include; Oreti, Muiri, Gatukuyu, Kihenia, Eagaads and adjacent areas.

In a statement, Kenya Power stated, “The following areas will be affected by scheduled maintenance tomorrow. The blackout will kick off at 9am to 5pm.”

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Areas of Githunguri will also be affected, to be precise, in Thakwa, Wanjo Academy, Thuthuriki, County Pride Hotel and Ciiako Primary.

This announcement comes just a week after the country was hit by a nationwide power blackout, which was caused by a system disturbance. Kenya Power is the country’s sole electricity distributor, and the bulk of its power comes from Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen).

While the blackout is necessary to allow maintenance work to be carried out, it will likely cause significant disruption to businesses and households in the affected areas.

However, Kenya Power has assured customers that it is working to restore normalcy as soon as possible.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the blackout, scheduled maintenance work is crucial to ensure that the country’s electricity distribution infrastructure is in good working condition.

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