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Matata speak on what inspired mega hit, Super Morio

Celebrated boy band Matata has shared the inspiration behind their much appreciated latest album and work of art dubbed ‘Super Morio’.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the music group attributed their latest album to ordinary people who pursue extraordinary endeavours. 

Speaking on behalf of the group, Freddy Milanya said that the album was catered to showing their fans who they are both individually and as a group beyond just happy and vibrant music composition and creation.

“Super Morio in itself is an expression like ‘Morio’, an ordinary person. Morio is an extraordinary ordinary person and we feel that it’s just an aspect of who we are because we see ourselves as just ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things,” said Milanya.

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Celebrated boy band Matata
Celebrated boy band Matata

He went on to talk about the album intro, which he expressed was inspired by one’s genesis being narrated by the one person who gave them life. 

“With the title of the album, we were trying to dig from the past, where we came from to where we are now. In the album for example, in the intro is a song by Matata featuring Matata Mums, and with this song what we were trying to paint is a picture where it’s the coming of the genesis, who better to tell about your genesis other than the person who brought you to the world,” he divulged.

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Milanya also addressed the choice of diversity in the new album saying that many people were used to them releasing hits that only had a happy and upbeat mood, and thus wanted to explore different aspects of their personalities in their latest masterpiece. 

“The album has various ranges of emotions because people have always known Matata for one thing, dance and happy times but we are also diverse individuals who have diverse feelings, and even when it comes to our music we are diverse and I feel like that’s something people didn’t know. So the album provides that opportunity to show people who Matata really is,” Milanya remarked.

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In a recent Instagram post, the group shared more of their latest album performances before the end of 2022. 

“BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER!!! We’re excited to welcome @rockshorekenya aboard for the Super Morio Experience going down on 30th Dec at the TRM Rooftop.| Mark the date & Grab your tickets asap.”

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