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Matatu crackdown nets tens of traffic offenders in Nairobi

Police officers attached to Parklands Police Station on Thursday morning conducted a crackdown on matatus plying the Limuru Road route.
During the crackdown, the officers arrested tens of motorists, including public service vehicles’ drivers.

The arrested motorists are expected to be arraigned in court for flaunting various traffic offences.

The targeted vehicles operate within the city center and Kikuyu, Ruaka, Banana, Gachie routes.


The crackdown is aimed at enhancing road safety within the city center.

Matatu drivers who were found to have flaunted traffic rules were asked to hand over their driving licenses, park the vehicles besides the road and bundled into a waiting police land rover.


Mr peter Atavashi the Central Police Station boss said that the crackdown was a routine exercise to clampdown matatus which are notorious of flaunting traffic rules.

“It is a normal crackdown on motorists who break the law,” he said.

This comes just a month after Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai gave an order that traffic officers should stop erecting road blocks or conducting traffic checks on highways without their seniors’ permission.