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Matatu crisis: Etiquette to observe if given a ride

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 12th, 2018 2 min read

Many people are fond of asking for rides now that the matatu sector is facing a crisis over the Michuki rules.

Here are some of the don’ts if you are given a ride:

1. Back-seating a driver

You are given a ride and instead of letting everyone do their job, you start giving the driver directions.

Imagine someone comes to your place of work and starts issuing you with directives on how to do your job? It sucks? That is how a driver feels when you start telling them how to drive their cars.

It is good to stick to your lane which is purely seating, shutting up and using the vehicle windows.

2. Complaining of how dirty / messy the car is

Even if the car smells like raw sewage, it is advisable that you keep your mouth shut and keep praying that you reach your destiny fast enough before you suffocate and die from lack of enough oxygen.

If you don’t follow the rule and open your mouth to tell a driver how messy their car is you risk being thrown out and having to walk.

3. Telling the driver how you know another car which is better than the one you’re in

“That car looks nice, if I had money I’d buy that one.”

Avoid such statements at all costs because you might end up irking the driver who will likely throw you out of the vehicle.

And if you feel like you have a real good taste of cars just buy yours and avoid asking for rides.

4. Pressuring the driver to break the law

You are there telling the driver to over-lap as you complain how late you are for work.

Or you are telling them to use the wrong side of the road in order they avoid traffic.

Hey please, just shut up and open your mouth when you reach your destination.

5. Watch your tongue

You have just been issued with a ride and you are there engaging the driver with talks on various topics.

Kindly avoid that because you might end up speaking what irritates the driver and end up spoiling the day for others.

6. Making useless, incessant phone calls

Please note that you’re in another person’s space. Only make and receive important phone calls. If you see an ex calling or a colleague who had scheduled a gossip phone call, kindly avoid it.

Imagine the environment if everyone makes a phone call in a saloon car?

7. Using demeaning words to describe the vehicle you’re in

Let’s assume you have received an important phone call. Please don’t say you are in a jalopy. Or in a “kapersonal”. Or in a tiny car. Your benefactor spent what they deem to be a fortune. Please be nice.

Lastly, never forget to say thank you.

If you thank the driver, they will always remember where they picked you last time and will want to check whether you are there so that they give you another ride.