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Matatu drivers, conductors wanted over robbery of passengers

Police are looking for the drivers and conductors of two matatus in which passengers were robbed in two different incidents on Tuesday night.

The police suspect there are two gangs which prey on passengers in the evenings and they are seeking to establish if the drivers or conductors are working in cahoots with them.

In the first incident, a matatu was attacked along Mombasa Road after it had picked up passengers at Taj Mall while headed for Central Business District (CBD).

The passengers and crew were robbed of their cash and valuables. Last week, police asked any victims to report to them after complains were raised about insecurity at Taj Mall.


Kindly note that the DCIO Embakasi has been instructed to take action on the matter. We request those affected (victims) to make a report at the Police Station.”

Police report indicated that some of the passengers turned out to be thugs and commandeered the bus into a dark alley before joining Outering and later to Baba Ndogo Roads where the passengers were robbed of cash, clothes and mobile phones plus other valuables.

In the second incident, it was revealed that a bus was attacked along Landhies Road and the crew robbed of their valuables and cash.

Police added that they were looking for the driver and conductor of the vehicle so that they may help them with investigations, so far no arrests has been made.