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Matatu fares in Nairobi go through the roof, thanks to heavy rains

A majority of Nairobi residents who rely on public transport are being forced to pay double the fares even as heavy rains continue to pound the city.

Matatus which ply between Central Business District (CBD) to areas like Roysambu, Umoja and Ongata Rongai are making a killing by hiking their fares which desperate commuters have no option but to pay.

On Monday and Tuesday, residents of Umoja were parting with as much as Sh150 up from the normal fare of between Sh70-Sh80.

In Roysambu all the way to Mwiki, commuters were paying Sh150 up from Sh70.

Matatus plying the Kibera-Yaya-Wetlands route also increased fares from Sh50 to Sh100.

The recent heavy downpour have been rendering many roads in the city impassable to the inconvenience of most pedestrians and motorists.