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Matatu sacco fights licence suspension in stripping case

The public transport firm whose licence was suspended after two of its employees were accused of stripping and sexually assaulting a woman passenger has moved to court to appeal against the decision.

Nazigi Sacco wants the High Court to withdraw its 14-day licence suspension, arguing that the decision was made before it was given a hearing, contrary to the rules of natural justice.

The sacco has cried foul over the suspension of licences for all its 243 vehicles, arguing that the collective punishment of its members by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was draconian and unfair to its members who were not involved in the alleged crime.

“The NTSA has violated the Constitution in meting out collective punishment to Nazigi Sacco’s members in order to solve a social malaise and is discriminatory of the said members, innocent of committing the said crime,” said the Sacco.

Nazigi Sacco has also faulted the NTSA, which said it had conducted its own investigations into the incident, but did not give the sacco a chance to tell its part of the story.

It has also sued the Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo and Kasarani OCPD Augustine Nthumbi after some of its vehicles were impounded