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Matatu tout filmed fighting with traffic police officer – VIDEO

A matatu tout has become an online sensation after being captured on video fighting with a traffic police officer.

In the video recorded along Mombasa Road near General Motors, the tout appears to be trying to prevent the officer from entering a 14-seater matatu.

The tout drags the officer out of the front seat resulting to a brief scuffle between the two.

“Wewe unaweza kunipiga mimi,” the officer is heard shouting.

It is not clear what traffic offence the matatu crew had committed to warrant arrest, although online users equally questioned the officer’s authority in entering the matatu in the first place.

“The @PoliceKE officer seem to be ignorant of the @NPSOfficial_KE code of conduct and must equally be investigated and charged. It can never get to this level unless there’s something deeper than we are watching,” said @AderaJacob.

“Looks like is the one assaulting the officer? Btw @teddyeugene what does the law says about police officers making forceful entry into vehicles,” wrote @RNgeno.

“Mimi nigekuwa hapo i could have joined his those you pity him have never been arrested for no apparent reason…as for traffic officers they wake up at 8 to collect a bribe from someone who woke up at 3am,” commented @mosechuking.


This is not the first time a traffic police officer has been forced to defend himself from an angry road user.

Two months ago, a motorist fought with an officer who was seated at the passenger’s seat of his vehicle.

Onlookers later approached and opened the passenger’s door, which is when the driver pushed the officer out and drove off.

The officer left the vehicle without his official cap.

However, he was later arrested after a warrant was issued hours after the video went viral.