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Matatus hiking fares to lose licenses – Matiang’i

Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i has warned matatu operators hiking fares that they risk losing their licenses if found guilty.

A tough talking Mr Matiang’i said police will not relent in making sure public service vehicles comply with the law.

Thousands of city residents were on Monday left stranded after most matatu operators stayed away from the roads in a boycott against the enforcement of the ‘Michuki rules’.

On Monday, Mr Matiang’i told journalists that traffic police officers have been instructed to stop matatus and ask passengers the amount of  fare they have been charged.


Operators found charging more than the normal amount they will lose their licenses.

“And I want to urge Kenyans when a police officer stops your vehicle, they ask you how much money you have paid, some of those vehicles that are doubling the fares on their routes, will lose their licenses today I can assure them,” said Mr Matiang’i.

He also said all matatus that withdrew from the roads on Monday will be investigated on why they did not operate.

“I am aware that the Transport CS has instructed NTSA to review the licenses of those Saccos that are not operating today, because when you are licensed you are not licensed to blackmail people. You are licensed to do a business and if you are doing business on the basis of blackmail then it is time to relook at all those licenses all over again,”