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Matatus have until Monday to move out of CBD

Matatus operating in Nairobi have been given until Monday to adhere by the ban against accessing the Central Business District (CBD).

According to a notice by Transport CEC Mohamed Dagane, the matatus were expected out of town centre by the end of last week.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Roads Chief Officer Fredrick Karanja however said the plan was pushed to the end of the month due to logistical issues.

“We are trying to see how we can first move people which might take more time than we had anticipated,” said Karanja.

He did not specify when the plan will take effect, adding that he can only do that next week.

“We are working on a few matters to ensure smooth implementation of the ban.”

Traders have also encroached various bus termini making it hard for PSVs to drop passengers.


According to the county, vehicles come into the city centre at peak hours in the morning and stay there waiting for passengers which creates traffic snarl up because they take up a lot of space and inconvenience other motorists.

Last year, Governor Mike Sonko announced that more than 30,000 Public Service Vehicles would no longer be allowed to access the CBD.

Matatu operators however argued that the move would inconvenience millions of commuters who would have to walk long distances to the proposed terminus.

This caused the county to embark on demolition of illegal structures, an operation that began at Murang’a Road termini A and B in Ngara. It was extended to Bus Station and Muthurwa market.

Matatu owners have however vowed to frustrate the move saying it is unreasonable and uncalled for.

City Hall has partnered with traffic officers to ensure the process is successful.