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How Nairobi matatus are making a killing from new fuel prices

Nairobians have had to contend with increased matatu fares all week following the sharp fuel increment that was implemented one week ago.

A spot check by Nairobi News on most city routes revealed the hardest hit city residents are those who commute to and from Joska/Kamulu, Komarock, Utawala and Kawangware estates.

Some matatu saccos have increased fares by between Sh10 to Sh30, depending on the distance.

Residents of Joska/Kamulu who commute using City Shuttle buses via Kangungo Road normally pay Sh100, but in recent days theyve been compelled to pay as much a Sh150 depending on time of day/night or on the traffic flow.


Utawala residents using either Kenya Bus Services (KBS) or City Shuttle are now paying Sh100 or Sh110 from the usual fare of Sh80.

Fares for matatus destined for Kawangware have hiked their fares from Sh80 to Sh90.

The same case applies to Umoinner Sacco, whose fleet of matatus ply the Umoja-Tena-CBD route with some of their matatus reportedly charging Sh100 up from Sh80.

Komarock residents using either Mwamba or Marvelous Sacco have had to pay Sh100 up from Sh80.