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Two matatus-per-sacco in CBD rule takes effect

The county government of Nairobi will from today only allow two PSV vehicles per sacco into the city’s CBD with each vehicle allowed a maximum of five minutes in the allocated slots to drop and pick passengers.

While making the announcement of the enforcement of the new rule, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko said that City Hall will also will increase the number of traffic marshals manning major roads to reduce traffic congestion in the capital.

Sonko gave the new directive on Saturday in Kangemi while opening a rehabilitated park which was previously an illegal dumping site.

The directive was meant to have taken effect in May, but it was largely defied, with most matatu termini continuing to experience long queues.


Police, city askaris intensify crackdown on errant boda boda operators

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At the same time, Sonko also reminded boda boda operators to avoid venturing into the CBD.

“I like the boda boda guys, they voted for me and when they did they had very high hopes on me. But then again let us consider the great city of Nairobi. I’m just appealing to our boda boda guys to let us clean our city,” said the governor.

In June more than 60 riders were arrested in a swoop in the CBD for flouting traffic rules.

The arrests marked the beginning of a two-week crackdown to enforce recently developed regulations for a less congested CBD.

Under the rules, boda boda riders are required to have an identification badge, driving license and ensure their motorcycles are insured.

They are also required not to carry more than one passenger and desist from riding on the pavements.