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Matiang’i to deregister all driving schools in major crackdown on unqualified drivers

Acting Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has announced that all driving schools will be deregistered in a major crackdown on unqualified drivers.

In a press conference Matiang’i said the schools will be deregistered then reregistered afresh to ensure only qualified drivers are issued with licenses.

Speaking at the same function, Transport Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, said issuance of licenses will include other tests including medical tests adding that the entire traffic department was being reviewed.

Matiang’i’s pronouncement caused some ripples online as many weighed in the big question of who was to blame for the road carnage witnessed in the last few weeks.

Sk mkenya‏ wrote on Twitter, “But policemen are the one who supervise students during driving exam, do they uphold unqualified drivers?”

Dan Aceda‏ added, “Ok. So Licenses are issued by NTSA. The tests are administered by Police. But it’s the driving schools that are going to be deregistered. Sawasawa.”

Amos Owino‏ suggested, “Deregister all PSV drivers first then have them reapply. It’s the starting point @ntsa_kenya.”


Carnick ShiQo‏ however agreed with the CS, “Bold step indeed @FredMatiangi this schools only care about their pockets and not delivering to students what’s due.”

Hon. Musasa John‏ took a swipe at Matiang’i, “Didn’t know driving schools are under Ministry of Education!”

TrueKenyan‏ tweeted, “The problem is not with the driving schools it’s the drivers, corrupt police and bad road design.”

Angela‏ wrote, “Also re-enforce traffic rules in addition to this! Plus buses and matatus should only stop at designated stops… they constantly cause obstruction on roads and highways endangering all lives.”

Mercie A. Christine‏ added, “We are a people who don’t obey the law, we take no responsibility of our actions, we lack accountability, we are greedy and selfish and we don’t care. These accidents are the fruit of impunity that has been planted over the years.”

George Abashwili M.‏ supported the CS, “Exactly! These driving schools ati a month and you are done. You are released to go do exam na hata kupeleka gari straight huwezi. You fail, bribe the officers and in 2 weeks’ time you have a DL. This should stop!”