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Matiang’i: Friday will not be a public holiday

Acting Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has stated that Friday is not a public holiday.

In a press statement on Wednesday Matiang’i explained that Idd Ul Adha, which will be celebrated this Friday is listed as a Muslim holiday and not a public holiday.

“The holiday is listed as Muslim holiday but plans are underway for the Government to present a Bill in Parliament to make it a National Public Holiday,” said in a statement on Wednesday.

Matiang’i however urged employers to allow their Muslim employees a day off to mark the annual holiday, also called the Sacrifice of the Feast.

“Adherents of Islam religion will celebrate the day and therefore employers should allow them to be away from work. For non-Muslims this will be a normal working day,” said Matiang’i.

Kenyans online had speculated that Friday would be a public holiday as was during the other Muslim holiday, Idd Ul Fitr.