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Matiang’i: My biggest achievement is having Kenyans get passports in a day

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i says he is proud that Kenyans are now able to get their passports within a day.

Speaking from State House, Nairobi Dr Matiang’i said that he takes pride in having been able to streamline services at the immigration department in such a way that Kenyans no longer have to wait for long periods for their travel documents.

Dr Matiang’i was sharing some of his biggest achievements while serving under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, as Kenyans mark the 59 Madaraka Day celebrations.

“The registration of persons has improved; the issuance of passports has been reduced to one day. Creating 13 different sites of issuing passports inside and outside Kenya. I’m really proud when I meet Kenyans parents who tell me they don’t have a problem getting birth certificates. Kenyans who tell me that they are shocked they can walk to Nyayo House and get a passport in a day,” Dr Matiang’i said.

He also touched on the positive progress that has been achieved in national security and the National Police Service.

“The threat of terrorism still exists but a lot has been done to reform the security sector to a point where we have enhanced capabilities and we are ready for any security challenges. The whole 10 years has been exciting, the successful war against cartels and examination cheating in the ministry of education was the climax of my service to the republic of Kenya,” he said.

Dr Matiang’i served as the Education Cabinet Secretary before he was moved to his present posting.