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Matonya: Why I have relocated to Kenya

Bongo flava artiste Matonya, who has been hibernating in Kenya for the last three months, has refuted claims that he relocated to the country to avoid prosecution on drugs related charges back home in Tanzania.

The flamboyant musician, who a few years ago was a force to reckon with in East Africa with chart topping hits such as Vaileti, Anita and Spare Tai, has denied the allegations terming them as mere rumors fabricated by his haters whose intention is to damage his image.

“Sijatoroka Tanzania kwa sababu hiyo, unaona hata listi ambayo imetajwa (referring to the list of names of fellow Tanzanian musicians suspected of drug peddling which was released by their government earlier this year). Matonya hakuwa pale. Matonya ni mtu safi na hizo ni stori zinakuwa kwa ajili ya kuniharibia jina” he said.

(I haven’t run away from Tanzania because of that. You saw the list of suspected drug peddlers that was released. Matonyas’ names wasn’t listed. I’m a clean chap and all these are  just stories fabricated to tarnish my name).


Pressed further as to why he has  had an extended stay in Kenya, the singer, who isn’t doing very well currently in the music world as the yesteryear, explained that its because he is deeply involved in various business projects in the country which also include buying and selling of vehicles.

Matonya, who has since released new tracks Nyumba Ndogo (Mpango wa Kando), becomes the second Tanzania musician to relocate to Kenya following in the footsteps of Mr Nice who is said to be living in Thika.

Mr Nice, of the Fagilia fame, has been leaving in the country trying to revive his once glamorous career no avail.

Another Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando, who rose to fame then came crumbling with rumours of her getting into a drugs, had also stated few months ago that she would be relocating to Kenya for good in search of peace.