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Maureen Kungu: I hated smiling

Singer and songwriter Maureen Kunga has revealed one of her personal insecurity that made her hate her smile.

Maureen who is also a group member of the Kenyan music group Elani, opened up to her fans on social media lamenting how due to the fact that her teeth were small and her gums show when she smiles, made her believe that her smile was not perfect.

Matters were not made easy by the said beauty standards in the entertainment industry, the artist added.

“I used to HATE my smile ? Hate it. Because my teeth are small and my gums show, and in Hollywood and all these other places where they try to set beauty standards for us, ALL you see is TEETH! ?,” said Maureen Kunga.

“Only recently am I starting to learn how beautiful we really are when the emotions are genuine. And this is a VERY genuine smile ? also shout out to the guy holding the umbrella. Because it was HOT!” she added.

In 2018 Maureen also came out to share her weight loss journey after shedding off 16kg.

The weight had affected her self-esteem, she says and especially on how some of her friends and fans perceived her.

But when she became an entertainer her resolve to lose weight became strong given the fact that it affected her performance as an artiste.