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Maureen Waititu opens up about cosmetic surgery challenges she faced

Renowned social media influencer and lawyer Maureen Waititu, has candidly opened up about her weight loss journey and the reasons behind her decision to undergo a gastric balloon surgery.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Maureen shared her remarkable transformation with her fans and her challenges on her path to a healthier lifestyle.

The mother of two revealed that she had shed an impressive 20 kilograms in just four months through a non-invasive weight-loss procedure known as Intragastric balloon placement.

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Maureen candidly discussed the factors that motivated her to pursue weight loss, particularly during the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She realized that her weight gain impacted her health, especially given her pre-existing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

“My doctor was moving from one medication to another. Because of the weight I had added during the Covid-19 period, I just woke up and I was looking like a little ball. With the rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, I was like, I have come this far only to…” Maureen shared with Lynn Ngugi.

Determined to make a positive change, Maureen explored various weight loss methods, including dietary changes and exercise.

However, her efforts were not yielding the desired results, leading her to seek professional guidance from Nairobi Bariatric.

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After stepping on the scale and realizing the gravity of her situation, Maureen’s health experts suggested the gastric balloon procedure as a potential solution to her weight loss goals.

Deciding to go ahead with it, Maureen underwent the procedure and is pleased with the outcomes.

“I have lost 20kgs, and I feel so fabulous,” she expressed with pride.

However, Maureen also opened up about the challenges and side effects she experienced post-surgery.

Constantly eating small meals, acidity, bloating, and the need to sleep on her left side were some of the adjustments she had to make.

Despite these challenges, Maureen acknowledged that the weight loss process was swift, and she had to adapt to her new dietary habits like a baby.

“The first week I lost 15kg, and I would get sick, but now it has settled, and I run a lot and work out. It is a weight loss aid and not a shortcut,” Maureen explained.

She also talked about how dealing with severe depression and anxiety, often leading her to seek comfort in food after her relationship failed.

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