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Maureen Waititu pays tribute to late sister Pauline Waititu

Content Creator Maureen Waititu is remembering her late sister Pauline Waititu who passed away in October 2022.

In a heartwarming tribute, the mother of two shared a lengthy post on her Instagram feed in memory of her late younger sister saying that it was unfortunate that at the time of her demise, she was not able to attend the funeral due to unavoidable circumstances. 

“No one can ever prepare you for the dreadful news that you’ve lost a loved one and it’s been a few months now since we received the news of your demise baby sis. Unfortunately, my bro and I weren’t able to attend her funeral due to circumstances that were beyond us both but yesterday we were finally able to say our final goodbyes 🕊️” read her post in part.

She added that despite her demise which is still heartbreaking, they will forever hold her in their hearts and she will never be forgotten for the impact she made was far too great. 

“Baby, you were here only for a while but you taught us an unforgettable lesson about family-that when it’s said and done, they’re all we’ve got. Once again, pole sana Mum, dad and the entire family. Pau will never be forgotten.”

She went on to encourage her followers that they should check up on their family and friends as they also face great battles that they don’t know about. 

“Always check up on your family and friends- you never know the battles they’re fighting. Remind them that no matter what, you’re there for them. Continue resting in peace baby Siz 🕊️💜💞”

Following the loss of her sister in 2022, Maureen on her Instagram said she has had a rough week as she had to deal with the loss of a close member of her family.

The mother of two also sent out her condolences to families that had lost loved ones.

“What a week!😥 My family lost our youngest sister. My heart goes out to every family robbed of brilliant young lives. My heart is broken for my dad-he just buried his mom now his youngest daughter 💔. Time goes by fast. Hold onto those you love & don’t take a moment for granted,” Maureen wrote.

2022 was truly a rough year for Maureen, as in June of the same year she also lost her grandmother whom she is named after.

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