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Maureen Waititu: Why I have chosen to keep my love life private

Social media influencer and lawyer Maureen Waititu has decided to keep her love life private and away from the public eye.

In a recent interview with Lynn Ngugi, the mother of two expressed that she has learned from past experiences and has no intentions of repeating the same mistakes.

“The things I have seen, I have learned. I am not trying to prove a point, but if I love in private, that is all that matters. And I am very happy with that,” Maureen shared candidly.

After going through her share of ups and downs in the public eye, Maureen emphasized the importance of finding a person who can be a friend first before being a lover.

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Kenyan content creator and influencer Maureen Waititu. PHOTOS | COURTESY

She highlighted the significance of self-awareness in a partner and the ability to acknowledge and work on their weaknesses.

“Because love is not just a feeling, you’ve got to wake up every day and choose this person.

Self-awareness is crucial since people out there are broken. It’s okay to be broken, but are you self-aware? Are you able to say, ‘I have this weakness, and I’m working on it,’ rather than being in denial and repeating the same cycle?” Maureen explained.

As a single mother, Maureen addressed the stereotypes and challenges that single moms face when it comes to dating and seeking love.

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She asserted that single moms deserve love and companionship just like anyone else.

“Single moms are dope. We live in a very peculiar society, where there is this notion that mothers don’t deserve love. But no, I’m a mother, and then there are kids. The truth is, yes, we come as a package, and my kids are my responsibility, and they have their father. But I also need love,” Maureen expressed with laughter.

She continued, “Let me tell you, some of the most amazing people to love are single moms. Yes, I’m speaking on behalf of all the single moms around the world.

Single moms are so dope. In as much as we will give you the calendar, you choose three months from now which day I’m available. We are dope, responsible, and everything is good. But for me, friendship in love is very important.”

Maureen sired her two sons, Kai and Lexi with gym enthusiast, Frankie Kiarie.

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