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Maverick Aoko deletes controversial tweets after meeting with Oscar Sudi

Controversial Twitter ‘big wig’ (influencer) Maverick Aoko, a former journalist turned blogger, on June 7, 2023, announced that she had deleted her tweets following a meeting with Oscar Sudi, one of President William Ruto’s key allies.

“I got innumerable calls of cease fire but now if you are talking to me on phone without addressing why I’m going berserk, why would I listen to you? Finally, Sudi has sat me down and listened. I have also listened to him. Until I’ve deleted all tweets. Here’s to fresh start KoT,” said Ms Aoko.

Ms Aoko wiped out all her tweets from since she opened her Twitter account and among them were controversial tweets of her engaging in casual sexual relations with senior opposition politicians and a former senior married government official.

Nairobi News previously reported that Ms Aoko first targeted several politicians allied with the Orange Democratic Movement for whom she worked as social media handler and communications strategist. She claimed she’d had affairs with these married politicians but they used and dumped her when she proved to be no longer useful to them. For weeks, Aoko trended on social media and mainstream media when she named names of the politicians, where they had relations and how some of them begged her to not expose them online.

In several bitter rants, she berated, insulted and mocked these politicians before turning her attention on a former senior government official, claiming they had been in a long term relationship despite him being married to a popular media personality. In her tweets, she claimed to have housed the official, helped him campaign for an elective post and been his everything except for an official wife. She also claimed that this official stole money meant for the prevention and treatment of covid at the height of the pandemic; and bought luxurious properties with the monies. She was sued for her claims.

In addition to these, in tens of tweets, Aoko later targeted the Kenya Kwanza government to which she had pledged loyalty to after jumping the ODM ship. She ranted against senior officials failing in the communications department and allowing Raila Odinga to gain popularity based on a President William Ruto bashing train. She targeted senior officials who she claimed got into power and forgot what needed to be done for Ruto to continue succeeding in the eyes of the public.

In several rants she posted online, she accused some government officials of denying government allied bloggers a budget to defend President William Ruto’s policies online. It was for these failures that she resorted to looking for Oscar Sudi, claiming it was purely for the party’s sake and not for other reasons as she had done in the opposition.

“That’s why Pauline (Njoroge, a Jubilee Party official and allied blogger) beats us. I’ve talked to State House. I’m tired. Kenya Kwanza is useless. I’m done hiding. I have told people at Kenya Kwanza,’ Your communication is poor. Here’s my proof. I even send articles (to a top UDA blogger) and he only cares about the Deputy President. Tribalism is killing Ruto’s regime. Ruto has employed fools and sycophants. I’m done. I’m tired!” ranted Ms Aoko in several posts as she shared a screenshot of  an article published by a mainstream media also taking her position on the government’s communication practices.

All these tweets are among hundreds which she deleted following the meeting with Oscar Sudi.

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