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Maverick Aoko sued by prominent married politician

Last week, former journalist Maverick Aoko took Kenyans by storm when she claimed to have had affairs with several politicians and named them on her Twitter account.

In particular, she picked a fight with one of them, a married man, claiming to have been his girlfriend for a while, even though he was married to a prominent media personality.

In her unverified and sexually provocative claims, she said she had been having an affair with the man, who had also told her sensitive information about his marriage and work.

It seems that Ms Aoko and the prominent politician, who she claims she was hosting while he was vying for a political seat in one of Kenya’s 47 counties, had a bitter falling out and Aoko decided to spill all the secrets of their affair after he threatened her.

The prominent politician warned her not to slander him with lies in public and told her he would make her pay for all her lies.

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On Monday, 8 May 2023, Aoko revealed that the prominent politician had indeed sued her. She shared a screenshot of an email from the politician’s lawyer demanding her attention.

“I deactivated my account for security reasons, and I’ve said this a million times… You can’t attack what you can’t find. But did I tell you that I have been served? I can’t wait for my day in court. Did you see M**, J*** pull this sh*t on me? Huyu nitavuruga kama nugu (I will destroy him like an idiot). Warn him,” Aoko said in her caption under the screenshot.

In her attacks on the politicians she had affairs with, Aoko tried to spin it as her stance for President Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance against the opposition.

She claimed that she was going after opposition leaders with whom she had affairs because they had attacked President Ruto. She had previously been employed by one of the opposition parties where she worked as a social media officer, giving her access to various politicians.

She also appears to have had a bitter falling out with the opposition party she worked for before deciding to switch her support to President Ruto’s camp, who she claimed were now paying for her education.

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