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Maxwell Mwamburi blasts greedy influencers accepting any brand gigs

Instagram influencer Maxwell Mwamburi, a male who at times identifies as female and calls himself Maxine Mkamburi, blasted the financial relationship dynamics between corporates, brands and influencers, branding many of them as a dead end.

In his statement, Mwamburi also told off corporates for overusing influencers and not compensating them for what they are worth.

“A quick public service announcement to all my fellow business owners out there, never ever five your services for free to celebrities, politicians, public figures and leaders, all in exchange for exposure or Instagram mentions.

A lot of celebrities, I did my services for free in exchange for exposure usually resulted in a loss. These cheap followers mostly can’t afford your craft because they were mainly following the celebrity for tea or drama!

Don’t accept that BS! Charge accordingly to the worth and value of your services. Your target clients will pay when they know the value of your product of services,” began Mr Mwamburi.

He also revealed he had lost Sh 250,000 from such arrangements and was speaking in the aftermath of a heated argument with his accountant.

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He also termed these occurrences of ‘tagging and mentions’ it as a dead-end culture; and demanded that it stops because everyone must pay full prices for products or services whether they were a celebrity or not.

“Business owners must be respected at all costs. Also, to content creators, influencers, socialites, and artists, especially in Kenya! Ya’ll will forever remain underlooked, underpaid, overused, and paid peanuts, all in the pursuit of looking ‘booked and busy.’

It’s only in Kenya where brands will send public relations products to influencers for free in exchange for exposure and mentions,” added Mwamburi.

He claimed that there are notorious business owners out there watching out for the next trending person to send them free products to market them.

“A lot of y’all go to events for free, with poor outfits, bad make up all in exchange for exposure, mentions and to be seen working with brands while you’re starving at home with debts and arrears! This culture has to stop!

Either y’all influencers know your worth, or brands develop a budget for creators and influencers. This free service for tags and mentions BS is out of date!” concluded Mwamburi.

Mwamburi owns a bakery and real estate businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa Counties.

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