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Maxwell Mwamburi: I’m gay, dated women for show

Kenyan entrepreneur Maxwell Mwamburi has revealed his identity as a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community.

In an online interview, the businessman says he’s been hiding his ‘true’ identity owing to the fear of criticism from the public.

“I’ve been like this since childhood. It’s something I struggled with for quite some time. It was about time I came out of the closet and just do me and live life my own way,” he stressed.

He opened up on the backlash he received for attempting to explain himself via Instagram stories.

“There’s a point I came out on my Instagram but the insults were too much so I just went back to the closet. But now I came back as fully gay,” he said.

The celebrity baker also said in as much as he has come out fully as gay, not all his family members and friends have come to terms with his newly revealed identity. He is also yet to speak to his father since his public stance.

“I know my dad has already been told but I don’t care because he has already lived his life, but maybe with time he will come to terms with it,” said Mwamburi.

Talking about his past relationships, the entrepreneur disclosed he only dated women for show. His last relationship, he says, was with socialite Soila and only meant to please family and friends.

“The reason I stayed with her for that long was because of family. It lasted like one and half years but it was mostly because of family and friends. I wanted to seem “normal” and I had attached the whole idea to my business because I thought that in Kenya in order to get the support you need to seem that way,”

He added that Soila would constantly encourage him to come out because he was not happy pretending to be straight.

The entrepreneur stressed that he regrets having a dummy relationship because it cost him a lot. 

“I regret it so much because it cost me a lot. But my guy knew that she was a dummy girlfriend, but that is the most I have done for family,” he said.

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