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Maxwell Mwamburi: My dad hated me with a passion

Kenyan Instagram influencer and luxury baker Maxwell Mwamburi, a member of the queer community who identifies as female and sometimes goes by the name Maxine Mkamburi, has narrated how his father left him with childhood scars and trauma.

According to Mwamburi, his parent had him and his last born sibling later in their marriage at a time his father was working in the banking sector. He said he grew up with his father hating him without him knowing why but credited his mother for shielding and protecting him in the long run.

“So growing up, my dad hated me with a passion! I never understood what I did to him but he used to call me all sorts of names from ‘gasia’ to ‘shenzi, pumbavu’. I grew up with those names in the back of my mind! They were like a national anthem! I guess he was just frustrated. So my only defense mechanism was my late mother. I found solace in her! She saw me cry everyday from insults and beatings; and wiped away my tears, assuring me that it was gonna be alright!,” Mwamburi said.

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“All in my childhood, it’s with my mum. I found my femininity and softness, I learnt about cooking, cleaning, beauty, fashion, fasting, prayer and all that. Yes! My dad hated me! In fact, he used to say I’m not his because of my feminine tendencies. I’m talking all through high school. Anyone who grew up with me in Taita can attest to this,” he said.

Mwamburi went on to reveal that it was his mother who made sure that his school fees was paid on time, all school meetings were attended to and for him to attend baking school later. All this time, his dad apparently did not care about him.

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Mwamburi also revealed that it wasn’t until he got into adulthood that he eventually forgave his father and they now have a loving relationship where Maxwell spoils his father.

“My heart is so pure that I have never harbored any grudges nor ever bring up the topic of what he did to me. Although, I had to talk about this now that I’m grown. To all parents and guardians, never hate on any of your kids or treat any of your kids differently than other kids in any way, form or matter! That trauma kinda haunts them and they grow up furious although many never talk about it. Most never forgive!,” he said.

“Treat all your kids equally, raise them with love, compassion, prayer and nurture their talents from childhood. You never know who they become tomorrow. I was hated with a passion but now my businesses are thriving with a passion!”

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