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Mayonde: The industry frustrated me; I’m back after studying music business

Chanteuse Mayonde, who delivered the evergreen hit, Nairobi, seven years ago, has announced her grand comeback.

The gifted vocalist has been missing in action for some time now, although she has been involved in several low-key music projects.

After delivering a lovely performance at the Blankets & Wine event last weekend, Mayonde said she is now back in a big way.

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“It was great being on the stage after such a long time. There was a moment I sang my song Nairobi and the audience sang it right back. It was such a beautiful moment. I have been thinking about that the whole week. It’s so amazing to be back on stage,” Mayonde said.

She also explained that her prolonged sabbatical had been occasioned by frustrations in an industry that failed to reward her.

As such, she chose to take a step back and learn about the business side of music.

“I have actually been in school. I was part of a programme called Perform Music Incubator that was founded by Muthoni The Drummer Queen. It’s a music business school and I have been in it for about two years just learning about the business side of music,” she said.

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“I was very frustrated as an artiste. I’d been doing music but I wasn’t getting any meaningful returns. So I went to school to learn how to grow my brand and use it to make money and understand the business side of music,” Mayonde explained.

During her stay in the programme, Mayonde was also busy creating new music with her latest release being an Extended Play (EP) which was released this week.

“I am gradually coming back. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life,” she said.

Mayonde also acknowledged that she has been lucky enough to land corporate gigs and private parties where she has been performing.