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How ‘Mbari ya Kimeendero’ was turned into DP Ruto attack song

A leading Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge has sparked debate online with his new song that attacks Kenya’s political leadership.

The song’s video, dubbed ‘Mbari ya Kimeendero‘ (clan of the oppressors) has gone viral with most users lauding the musician for the courage to speak out against the political elite.

Mr Njoroge’s otherwise bold song is however marred in controversy after a different video of the song was released and circulated on Facebook by a yet to be known user.

The fake version contains video clips and images of Deputy President William Ruto. Many Facebook users have since deemed ‘Mbari ya kimendero‘ as an anti-Ruto song.

The artiste has since denounced the second video and recorded a complaint on plagiarism with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.


“I wish to condemn anyone who has edited my video ‘Kimendero‘ (oppressor) and fixed some photos that supports hatred and ethnicity….as I take care of the matter, keep sharing this original video,” Mr Njoroge told his fans in a disclaimer at YouTube.

It was uploaded on YouTube on August 1, 2018 and already has more than 262,000 views and over 1480 comments.

In his song, Mr Njoroge refers to the corrupt and those in power as “dinosaurs” who block Kenyans (Wanjiku) from accessing ‘water’ (services).

He condemns looters of public resources saying they will not see their generation.

“But the God of Kimathi, Mathenge and Kagia will deliver us from the hands of these inhuman people. You thieves of public resources, your generation will be cut short. Your deaths await you in India. You shall go alive but come back in caskets,” Mr Njoroge warns.

He claims that families of Mau Mau fighters have not benefited despite the freedom fighters’ role  in ending colonialism.

According to the artiste, only one family and their close friends have benefited from Kenya’s independence. He however refrains from naming the family.


Mr Njoroge also mocks the March 9 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Raila Odinga.

“The maize farmers are wailing and the coffee farmers are uprooting the coffee and discarding it. Business people are suffering because of debts while all you do is handshake each other and strategizing,” he sings.

He is also bitter that during 2017 presidential campaigns, President Kenyatta’s government provided subsided maize flour at Sh90 but after getting into office the price shot up to over Sh100.

“How do you budget at the expenses of the citizens? Are you taking us for fools or do you assume we are weak? While asking for votes you assume we are satisfied and when you acquire the positions the prices shoot up leaving us to sort ourselves out,” he notes.

Kenyans on Twitter have given varied reactions to the song.


“This song (Mbari wa Kimendero) by Muigai Wa Njoroge gives me hope that artists are now rising to speak against injustice, oppression and Kenyattaism. Bad leaders are carnivorous dinosaurs,” posted Mr Eric @amerix.

@billgrahams1 tweeted; “I hope it will enlighten those who are suffering currently after singing thuraku kumira kumira (Jubilee supporters).”

But Kerr Owino @PharaohMenya was concerned that the song is in vernacular.

“Unfortunately,its not a Kenya Nationalist song, it’s a Gikuyu nationalist song so it furthers agenda of the oppressor. Since colonialism, the plan is always to let them fight as long as they’re divided. This song longs for a MauMau President, of course u know what tribe that means,” he tweeted.