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Mbona niache? Karen Nyamu responds to fan on quitting alcohol

By Freya Wanjiku January 16th, 2023 2 min read

Senator Karen Nyamu, who had previously stated that she will stop consuming alcohol, has reportedly indicated that she continues to drink despite her previous statements.

Nyamu who had made a post with an inspirational Bible verse was asked by one of her fans whether she stopped taking liquor.

“I hope uliacha pombe (I hope you stopped taking liquor),” the fan said. Nyamu responded with, “Mbona niache? (Why should I leave it?).”

Late last year, after the drama in Dubai, the lawyer cum politician went on a live session explaining her actions.

Nyamu, who was the centre of an altercation with her baby daddy, popular Mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh faulted the alcohol for her misbehavior.

Nyamu went to the table where the Mugithi singer was seated with his wife and forcefully sat on his lap. In another clip, she is seen jumping on the stage and dancing as her baby daddy performed.

Those clips trended the next as they were widely circulated online.

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However, during the live session, Nyamu said she did not know what happened, only that she woke up and found herself trending on all social media platforms.

She would then blame alcohol as the main reason for the incident, vowing to quit it in 2023.

“I was drunk. Pray for me guys. If this love will make me look like a mad person, I need prayers aki,” she said.

In response, a fan told her to behave like a side chick, but she countered, saying that sometimes she forgot to stay in her lane, adding that she did not know in Dubai, she had to show her license before jumping on stage.

After the altercation, Nyamu dumped Samidoh saying, “I’ve made a conscious decision to end for good my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex Samidoh.”

She would then be summoned by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in regard to her actions.