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Mbosso shamed after faking the purchase of Sh4 million mansion in Dar

Bongo flava star Mbosso Khan, has been busted for faking an opulent lifestyle by claiming that he has acquired a three-bedroom mansion estimated to be worth Tsh90 million (Sh4 million).

This after the Hodari hit maker announced to his more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram that he had acquired a mansion situated in the leafy suburbs of Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

Mbosso even upload a photo of the said mansion.

However, a hawk-eyed social media influencer, Jay Maudaku, retrieved a post from a real estate agent, Dalali Tegeta, who owns the property and had shared pictures of same house four weeks ago for potential tenants at a monthly rent of Tsh1.2 million (Sh52,000).


“Nyumba hii ipo Tegeta wazo Ina vyumba vitatu vyote self inajitegemea pia ina boy Kota ya chumba kimoja self inapangishwa millioni 1 na laki mbili pia hata millioni 1 kamili anachukua tuwasiliane kwa namba 0718809744. Karibuni sana,” reads the real estate agent’s post.

Sources in Tanzania, who spoke to Nairobi News on condition of anonymity, said the musician hasn’t bought the house but rather the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) management is paying the rent as per a contractual agreement.

“Hiyo nyumba kweli ipo Tegeta, Dar es Salaam na kwa ataarifa niliyonayo, amepangishiwa na menejimenti yake wala sio kununua,” the source said.


A section of the Tanzanian showbiz industry is now calling out the Wasafi label for faking their lifestyles given that Mbosso’s case isn’t the first one.

About two years ago, Wasafi president Diamond Platnumz claimed that he had purchased a mansion worth Sh36 million in the leafy suburbs of Mbezi Dar es Salaam which acts as the WCB headquarters.

However, it later emerged that the singer hadn’t bought the mansion, but had rented it from a convicted Tanzanian tycoon currently serving his jail term. Wasafi pays a monthly rent believed to be in the region of Sh2 million for the premises.