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MC Jessy laughs off claims of Churchill buying cars for comedians

Former host of Churchill Raw, MC Jessy, has ridiculed claims made by comedian Wa Kimani suggesting that Churchill Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill, bought cars for comedians during their time in the Laugh Industry.

MC Jessy laughed off the statements in an interview with SPM Buzz, questioning why Churchill never informed him about such a generous act if it were true.

He expressed disbelief, saying, “Why didn’t he tell me he was buying comedians gari? Did you all agree with that statement? Churchill took out his money to buy people cars. I would have stopped him. Why would he buy men cars? Maybe he could just buy for baby girls in that show. Why should Churchill buy me a car? To do what?”

While discrediting the claim, MC Jessy acknowledged Churchill for creating a platform that led to the success of many comedians.

“I didn’t get that statement, but we owe all our success to him for creating a platform for us. It will take another era for someone to do that, but I was the disciplinarian in the show, and I was his deputy. Opening up the platform was maybe what he meant by buying us cars.”

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In December 2023, comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu, popularly known as Wa Kimani, shared details about the support Churchill provided during their time in the Laugh Industry.

He claimed that Churchill offered financial support to comedians and, for some, even bought cars.

Wa Kimani revealed that Churchill called them and asked what they wanted.

Comedians were then divided into groups based on their preferences – those desiring cars and those seeking financial support for shows.

Churchill reportedly provided each group of three with sh300,000 to organize and perform shows outside Nairobi.

For those aspiring to own cars, they were directed to showrooms to choose their vehicles.

However, comedian YY also refuted these claims.

“Let me clarify because a lot of people are asking, no one bought us cars… no one.”

YY emphasised the challenge faced by comedians in responding to such claims without appearing in conflict with Churchill.

He highlighted the importance of truth in these matters, saying, “The truth is, nobody bought us cars.”