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MC Jessy on keeping family private, missing out on CAS post

Comedian MC Jessy, real name Jasper Muthomi, says he prefers keeping his love affair and family discrete to avoid being vulnerable to the members of the public.

The funny man who many years ago was said to be in a relationship with a content creator and actress Shix Kapienga before falling out, says by exposing his relationship, he will be subjecting himself to the vulnerability of constant attacks from the masses.

“I have kids but the public doesn’t know. The reason I don’t talk about my love life and family is that I know your personal life is your softest point of attack. Any person who will want to attack you will attack where your heart is heavily invested so by being discrete I am saving myself from unnecessary distractions. If anything I tend to think nobody cares or wants to know who I am dating,” he explained.

The comedian-turned-politician also waded on the reports of missing out on a Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) position despite his close relationship with president William Ruto.

“It’s because I did not apply. The rumors started by having my name on the Cabinet Secretary nominee, for the Permanent Secretary to CAS but there was no time I ever applied for those posts. This is simply because I had a conversation with the chief hustler (Ruto) and we agreed on something and I will wait, as far as I am concerned, he always fulfills his promise,” Mc Jessy explained.

Known as one of the most popular comedians and master of ceremony in Kenya, MC Jessy, who made his name during his appearances on the Churchill Show program, unsuccessfully contested for a parliamentary position in the August 2022 polls.

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