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Mc Jessy sets tongues wagging after rocking kilt

Comedian Jasper Muthomi aka MC Jessy is trading his normal casual look of jeans and a t-shirt for a new look that has left social media abuzz.

MC Jessy shared a picture wearing a kilt, which is worn by the Scottish people.

He wore it with a white shirt, red tie and a black waist coat and a matching black jacket.

The Churchill Show comedian is on a tour in the United Kingdom.

“Do I say I look handsome ama with this on, I look cute? Wasee wangu wa Kinoo hii si skirt nimevaa, it’s called a kilt. One of the most comfortable things to wear while in Scotland. I think I’ll continue wearing more of this in Kenya. I hope upepo ya Kenya will behave. Jeans na trouser nataka kupeana zote,”

His fans gave varied reactions and this is what they had to say:

“Scottish pple mc jessy has arrived makofi ya kilo kwake,” said jane.njoroge.

“Hahahaha umevaa nini ndani ya skirt? #NiSwaliTu,” asked arigiobiero.

“Hii ndio kazi umeenda kufanya uko?” asked triphony.

“Let represent wasee wa kinoo by saying tunayuuuuaaaa, what happens when strong wind blows,” wrote z_wamz.

“Wow umependeza sana mkuu,” commented geetheenigma.

“Hahahahaha @jessythemc uko commando coz that’s how it’s worn,” replied chegedoc.

“I should get one too…. we all know that as a man; at times it’s good to leave your arsenal open… set free your weaponry and give the big guy down there “a free swing”!” said blakaende.

“Comfortable indeed … ventilation loading at 100%,” said _steve_maina.