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‘MC’ Omondi shares ‘bare-chest’ rate card

Eric Omondi has shared a rate card for his emceeing services, that includes a Sh500,000 flat fee when he is properly dressed up.

But then the comedian, who is considered among the best in the business in the country, adds that he will charge Sh250,000 on top of the market rates if he has to remove his shirt during the event.

These rates suggest that Omondi, who’s made a name in the entertainment industry for his rib-cracking jokes, is widening the net for raking in income in the wake of the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic which has led to a blanket ban on most public events save for weddings and birthdays.

“The rates are back,” he explained.

“Performance with Shirt on Ksh 500,000 Performance with Bare Chest Ksh 750,000.”

As expected, the rate card had drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

“Performance with no panty is how many? Asked singer Akothee.

“Na boxer si ndio utawaambia 1m,” another fan explained.

“In your dreams,” stated adolfine49.

“Hizi ni jokes pia ama,” commented brownkid.

“???????Eric yawa,” wrote mercy_forever_young.

“Ungekua manzi tungekubali??? vaa shati babaaa,” said m.a.n.k.a.

Omondi has transformed his skinny frame into a considerably weighty fellow in recent times, and it appears he is all out to make the most of his outlook.

Omondi is not the only celebrity who has left tongues wagging on social media for how much they charge for a performance.

TikTok sensation Azziad Nasienya left netizens dumbfounded when her rate card was leaked online.

According to the rate card, she claimed she charges Sh100,000 for a Tiktok video and Sh50,000 for a live video on the same platform.

In addition, an advertiser will be required to pay Sh100,000, Sh50,000 and another Sh50,000 for Instagram Feed, Instagram story and Instagram Live respectively.