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MCA in push to impeach Sh109K wheelbarrow governor

A Bungoma MCA  has filed a motion to impeach Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka over claims of corruption.

Ndalu MCA Ben Namasawa (Ford-Kenya) has tabled the motion to assembly clerk John Mosongo.

The clerk confirmed that he had received the draft but added that it had not met the minimum threshold.

He said the draft needed to be signed by at least 21 MCAs which the motion has not met.

“I have only received the letter to that effect but unfortunately Mr Namaswa has not yet tabled names of at least 21 MCA’s supporting his motion as required by law,” said Mr Mosongo.

The petition has 18 signatures of MCAs supporting the motion, with three more required to meet the threshold.

The governor recently defended the purchase of 10 wheelbarrows at a total cost of Sh1.09 million. Governor Lusaka said the wheelbarrows are non-carcinogenic (not causing cancer) and are specially designed to be used in the food industry.

The Jubilee/Amani coalition has 35 MCAs in the Bungoma county assembly, compared to 28 from the Cord coalition.

The motion, if taken to the floor for debate, will require support of at least 44 MCA’s to move the impeachment to the Senate for further debate.

However, Amani-allied MCAs, led by Mr David Fwaro, have rubbished the impeachment motion saying it was a ‘big joke’ and would not succeed.

“Those crafting that motion are wasting their time. We are aware that they are trying to divert the attention of the assembly. We have the numbers and the motion will not succeed,” said Mr Fwaro.

Bungoma Governor Lusaka also laughed off the impeachment plot saying he was not scared.