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MCA on the spot for proposing FGM to reduce women’s sex drive

An Embu MCA on Wednesday caused an uproar after he called for circumcision of all young women in the county ostensibly to arrest rising cases of sexual immorality and incest.

Kyeni South Ward Representative Salesio Kimaru said there are increasing cases of incest and sexual immoralities in the county.

The new trend can only be stemmed by forceful Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), he argued.

The emotional MCA said the ‘cut’ was the only way  of imposing sexual restraint and prevent young girls from making sexual advances on old men and also stop close family members having canal knowledge of each other.

He made the remarks while supporting the second reading of the Embu County Cultural Heritage Bill, 2015.

“In future, they are going to ignore the ages. A lot of immorality is being witnessed; men sleeping with their daughters, boys sleeping with their mothers, this has been affected by (erosion of) culture,” he said.

However, the remarks caused disquiet in the chambers with temporary Speaker Steve Simba ordering him to retract his contribution.

Mr Simba cautioned Mr Kimaru, who is also the Agriculture Committee Chairman, that his remarks bordered on abetting criminal activities.

“You are responsible of your utterances and you know FGM is against the laws of this country and you cannot purport to go against the law. You need to withdraw what you’ve said,” warned Mr Simba.

Embu was recently cited as among the top five counties with high rates of FGM.

The MCA eventually  withdrew his remarks after being shouted down by female MCAs.