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MCAs probe Sakaja over ‘unreliable’ revenue collection system

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is on the spot over what Members of the County Assembly (MCA) say is an ‘unreliable revenue collection system’.

In a motion tabled by Deputy Speaker Paul Kiguathi Kados, the MCAs claimed there have been unwarranted delays in the provision of public services by the County Government of Nairobi City in the recent past, something they said requires an explanation.

According to Mr Kados, who is representing Mihango ward, the county has been put on the spot over an unreliable revenue collection system.

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“Unreliable revenue collection system that is shrouded in secrecy with little control by the County Government thus leading to unaccountability in revenue collection and potential loss of revenues, hence affecting overall service delivery,” part of the motion read.

This comes even as Sakaja recently established the Nairobi Revenue Authority (NRA) with the aim of boosting daily revenue collection.

The motion mover states that there have been failures in service payment systems such that service seekers make payments for various taxes, charges, levies, and license fees at various payment points, leading to the loss of revenue collection.

According to Mr Kados, the system that is being used by the Nairobi County Treasury has caused delays in the settlement of dues owed to service providers and suppliers of goods and services.

The motion is also proposing that the County Treasury adopt a service payment system that will shield service seekers from unnecessary delays, instantly acknowledge receipt of service fee payments made, and allow various departments to issue receipts and offer services paid for in the event of a system downturn.

Also, the motion suggests all payments to service providers and suppliers of goods and services should be decentralized to respective sectors or departments and executed by sector or departmental accountants through the Online Purchase Order under IFMIS, and eradicating the manual system to ensure efficiency and accountability.

“The Physical Planning department should take deliberate steps to ensure timely processing of development approvals and undertake to clear all pending approvals within the next three months of the adoption of this Motion and submit a report to the County Assembly.”

Further, the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning Mr Charles Kerich has been asked to disclose to the County Assembly the automated revenue collection system currently in place and demonstrate that the system is foolproof, under the control of the County Government, and can generate instant reports for audit and accountability.