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MCA’s short dress disrupts assembly debate as ‘provoked’ male colleagues protest

Business was temporarily disrupted at Embu County Assembly on Thursday after male Ward Representatives protested the wardrobe choices of a female nominated MCA.

Drama started when nominated MCA Lorna Kariuki stood to contribute to a motion. She declared that her remarks would be “as short as a miniskirt”.

Mavuria MCA Ngari Mbaka quickly drew the attention of temporary Speaker Philip Nzangi to Ms Kariuki’s dressing.


He demanded to know whether short dresses are allowed in the chambers.

“When men dress improperly, they are thrown out of the House; but our dress code is too lenient on ladies, they are now provoking us.

“What she is wearing is extremely short. She is grossly under dressed. Mr Speaker please protect us,” he pleaded as other male members joined in the protest.

Mr Mbaka urged the temporary Speaker to be considerate to male MCAs and rule that female colleagues should stick to the prescribed dress-code.

In her defence, Ms Kariuki told the Speaker that she considers her dressing to be executive-like and challenged Mr Mbaka to concentrate on legislative business instead of her dress.


“Mr Speaker he is over- watching some things when he should be concentrating on the business before the House. He should not just be staring at me all the time. I do not know how my dressing is disturbing him,” she protested.

The temporary Speaker allowed Ms Kariuki to continue contributing to the motion on the floor, arguing that he could not immediately establish whether her dress was too short as alleged.

He urged female MCAs to revisit the dress-code to avoid such altercations.