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MCK now threatens to revoke licenses of New York Times journalists

By NYABOGA KIAGE January 17th, 2019 1 min read

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has given an ultimatum to the US based New York Times (NYT) to pull down a distasteful photo they published online following Tuesday’s terror attack at 14 Riverside Drive.

In a statement, MCK on Thursday said that if the images will not be pulled down then it will go ahead and revoke operational licenses of Kenyan-based New York Times journalists.

MCK boss David Omwoyo also asked the media company to apologise.

“It’s unfortunate that your publication without due respect to the victims, families of the victims and Kenyans in general chose to publish images that show dead victims of the terror attack,” Mr Omwoyo said in the statement.

He wondered why New York Times was justifying its actions yet it was the first time they were publishing gory images from any attack despite covering those in Asia, Europe and the USA.

In its initial statement New York Times stated that they used the gory images so as they give their readers a clear picture of the horror of such attacks.

However, Mr Omwoyo ruled out that argument saying that the images amount to glorifying and parading the success of the terror attacks.