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Me a bitch? It’s all an act!

You probably only know her as Patricia, the evil conniving woman in the hit TV show Changing Times.

With her fantastic acting skills and appeal, Joy Kendi has climbed the ladder of success to become one of the brightest stars on television at only 25.

Briefly tell us how you got into acting?

My family had just returned to Kenya from living in US’s Michigan State – hence the accent, and I was 20 years old.

I heard from a friend of mine that there was a new programme and they were looking for an actress, I decided to try it out and that is how I started my acting career in Changing Times.

How has the role of Patricia changed your life?

My character in Changing Times is this high maintenance, spoiled person who in short can only be described as bitchy, but I am nothing like that.

What I always do is I never let it get into my head because I know it is just acting — I still have the same friends and I haven’t changed at all.

What is the worst perception that people have had of you?

That I am Patricia even when I am not acting; they think that I am automatically spoiled, but I am the exact opposite of her, I am not a diva, I am low maintenance and I do not even like going to events.

Patricia was a character that we all love to hate and at the same time we all want a small part of her. She would ruin other people’s relationships, while I can never do that,  in fact, I hate women who go after men knowing that they are already taken.

How were you able to do this role so perfectly knowing that it represented the opposite of whom you really are?

Reading and understanding the script of the person that you will be portraying helps.

And I believe that everyone has an inner Patricia and if you want to succeed at something so badly there is no way you wouldn’t give it your best.

What are you doing at the moment?

I have moved into script writing and I have a couple of stories, which will be airing soon — I cannot reveal the names yet. I want to be behind the scenes for a change and give other upcoming actors an opportunity.

Are you still single?

Have you looked at me…… of course I am not single, and yes its serious (laughs and adds timidly) hopefully.

Twenty years from now, what would you like to tell the younger you?

Moisturise because aging is real, and also do not be scared to live out your dream.

Your take on the acting industry?

I think actors in Kenya are not given the same credit or amount of respect as their fellow artistes elsewhere, but I did not come to start pointing fingers at anyone I hope that we can come together to make the industry better.

I came back home and I joined USIU to study psychology and I did it because in this day and age you have to have a degree for people to take you seriously, but I have decided that the media is my true calling.