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Media icon Fred Obachi Machoka encourages youth to ‘find love’

Veteran media personality Fred Obachi Machoka is offering some heartfelt advice to the youth, encouraging them to consider marriage when they find a loving partner.

Machoka, renowned for his decades-long career in the media industry, believes that dismissing the idea of marriage on account of youth is not wise.

Machoka’s wisdom was shared with an earnest tone as he emphasized the importance of making this significant life decision.

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“I tell people to marry or get married when the time is ready,” he said, implying that it’s crucial to choose the right moment for marriage.

He acknowledged that if someone has not yet found a suitable partner, that’s understandable, but cautioned against casually rejecting the idea of marriage.

Machoka addressed both men and women, discouraging them from asserting that they don’t need the companionship of the opposite sex.

He believes that such declarations are often made without a complete understanding of life’s path.

“Stop moving around everywhere saying you don’t need a man, ‘Oh, what can a man give me? Men saying, ‘Oh, I don’t need a woman,’ they are stubborn. Ujana ni Moshi na ukitoka haurudi Tena,” he remarked.

Machoka’s message is clear: seize the right moment to embark on the journey of marriage because circumstances can change, and time waits for no one.

Machokaa celebrated his 70th birthday in grand style at his ranch in Isinya, Kajiado County in September.

His wife, Sophie, eloquently expressed her deep affection for her husband during the celebration, reminiscing about the journey they’ve traveled together.

Sophie praised Fred as more than just a life partner; he plays a multitude of roles in her life, providing strength, guidance, fatherhood, and companionship.

She described the profound impact he has had on her, emphasizing his significance as a mentor and business partner.

“You are so many different things to me that I did not know at that time you became my husband. You’re my pillar of strength, you’re my hope when all is falling apart, you’re the father of my children, the grandfather of my grandchildren, you’re my business partner, you’re my mentor,” she said.