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Media personalities Amina, Mandi apologise over work place toxicity claims

By Freya Wanjiku January 23rd, 2022 1 min read

Two female media personalities recently called out for being ‘mean’ at their workplace have publicly apologized for their actions, while stressing it wasn’t their intentions.

Miss Mandi, born Mandi Sarro Waki, a former Capital FM radio presenter had been called out for her actions by Kenyans on social media in the past few weeks.

Also on the spotlight was Amina Rabar, incidentally a former Capital FM radio presenter, who currently hosts the Trend show on NTV.

“I do not recall the many incidences recounted online, but that does not negate that those moments could have impacted those that I have worked and interacted with negatively,” explained Mandi.

Mandi adds that she is a more mature person and has learnt much on how to interact with people.

Amina added: “If there is anyone out there who I have ever encountered who felt like I was mean or I didn’t give them the kind of reception that they had expected, that I apologize for. But toxic, I am not, and I just show people a lot of love,” said the presenter, to the concurrence of her panel on the #TTTT segment of the TV show.

Miss Mandi became the topic of discussion on Twitter when one of her colleagues recounted how she would demean him.

While responding to her post on accountability, a Mr Gitobu claims said Miss Mandi bullied and terrorised him for lack of an accent like hers, not wearing fancy clothes, or eating fancy food.

“And I haven’t even said anything about how she constantly actively sabotaged my work and my job,” he added.

Mr Gitobu’s revelation made other Kenyans to call on media personalities who had hurt them in one way or another.