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Media personality Adelle Onyango opens up about her divorce

Media personality Adelle Onyango has opened up for the first time about her divorce from her ex-husband Falgun Bhojak.

The couple, who had a private and colorful wedding in 2017, has now separated, with Adelle revealing her journey through therapy as a crucial part of her healing process.

In a heartfelt press statement, Adelle shared the impact of therapy on her life, especially during her divorce.

“It is no secret that I am a fan of therapy. In fact, during my divorce, I had two therapists – that’s how much I believe in it,” she stated.

Adelle says her connection with therapy began early in her life.

“I first walked into a therapist’s office when I was 19/20, courtesy of my late mum. I had told her about a sexually violent experience I had survived, and one of the things she did was help me look for a therapist,” she recounted.

However, her first experience with therapy was not ideal.

“He let his religious beliefs bleed into the session, and from the first session, I knew it wasn’t a fit,” she explained.

Her second therapist, however, was a perfect match and remained her counselor for the next decade.

The former Kiss FM presenter emphasised the importance of finding the right therapist, noting,

“Therapists are, of course, just humans, with biases and other styles, and some specialize in particular themes.”

Reflecting on her divorce, Adelle revealed that therapy forced her to confront unresolved childhood traumas.

“That’s how I ended up unpacking my childhood trauma. I did not think I was carrying so much from my childhood. I didn’t know that the way I acted as an adult, the habits I had, the toxic cycles I was stuck in – all of this was mostly informed by my unhealed, unprocessed childhood trauma,” she said.

The journey was not easy.

“Working through it was difficult. I have never cried so much in my life. It was such a lonely journey but the most fulfilling one,” she admitted.

However, the result was profound.

“Unpacking and processing my childhood trauma has freed me. Real freedom. I have the clarity to understand who I am when I take off the mask I wore due to the trauma. Life is full of ease. I handle my challenges so much better. My self-confidence has skyrocketed, and my boundaries are stronger and healthier.”

Adelle is now inviting friends and followers to join her in group therapy sessions focused on healing childhood trauma.

The first session is scheduled for June 29, 2024, at 10:30 AM at Kanga Studio, and will be led by resident counselor Faith.

The topic of the first session is “Mother Wounds.”

“Not everyone has a healthy relationship with their mother. Some people lacked mothering and emotional connections with their mothers. When this happens, a mother wound occurs. Mother wounds can be passed down across generations as they affect how you parent too. They affect your intimate relationships and your relationship with yourself. It is time to free yourself from this,” Adelle explained.

The sessions aim to provide a supportive and intimate environment for healing, with tickets priced at Ksh2000.

“I can’t wait to walk with you along your healing journey!” Adelle said.